Ed Harcourt

Released 29/03/2024

El Magnifico - Dinked 273

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Making his debut with the Mercury Prize-nominated ‘Here Be Monsters’ in 2001, Harcourt has released music under his own name that blends raw emotions, impeccable songwriting and visionary flights of imagination. A succession of ten rich, enthralling albums have followed that first spark of his.

While recognisably bearing all the hallmarks that have made him such an admired and prolific songwriter, one of Britain’s most cherished yet inventive music creators, Ed’s new record, ‘El Magnifico’, also finds him striving for something new. It is an Ed Harcourt record, but one with a desire to seek fresh reward.

Dinked 273

  • “Gold” vinyl * 
  • Signed 12” x 24” folded poster insert (Steve Gullick photo) *
  • Numbered sleeve * 
  • Bonus 2 track 7” * 
  • Limited pressing of 750 *

*EXCLUSIVE to Dinked Edition


  1. 1987
  2. Into the Loving Arms of Your Enemy
  3. Broken Keys
  4. Strange Beauty
  5. The Violence of the Rose
  6. Ghost Ship
  7. Deathless
  8. Anvils & Hammers
  9. My Heart Can’t Keep Up With My Mind
  10. At the Dead End of the World
  11. Seraphina
  12. El Magnifico

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