W.H. Lung

Every Inch of Earth Pulsates

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“A huge thing for this record was to make it feel as close to our live show as possible,” says Tom Sharkett of W.H. Lung’s latest album. “We didn’t want it to sound live but we wanted to capture the excitement of the live performances.” 

This is something that has become paramount to the group in recent years as they have undeniably blossomed into one of the most joyous and arresting live bands in the country. “The reason I’m in a band is to play live music,” says singer Joe Evans. “For me, music is live music. That’s what it’s for, to be played with people.”

The five-piece band, also featuring Chris Mulligan, Hannah Peace, and Alex Mercer-Main, decided to try something new on their third album after two incredibly successful collaborations with previous producer Matt Peel. In order to capture the energy, spirit and dynamism of their live shows, they relocated to Sheffield to work with Ross Orton (MIA, Arctic Monkeys, Working Men’s Club) who was able to harness this side of the band to remarkable effect.

While the band have drilled deeper into finding their own singular identity, it’s not a record resting on its laurels. It’s a significant leap forward, expanding on their solid foundations while also breaking new ground.

Dinked 306

  • Orange vinyl *

  • Bonus 2 track 7” - I Dream Of The Sea / How to Walk (Salford Version) *

  • DIY pop-up card cube *

  • Sticker sheet *

  • Limited. numbered pressing of 1,000 *

*EXCLUSIVE to Dinked Edition

Also available on standard Clear vinyl and CD.


1. Lilac Sky
2. Bliss Bliss
3. Thinner Wine
4. Bloom and Fade
5. How to Walk
6. Flowers in the Rain
7. I Can’t Lie
8. The Painting of the Bay
9. I Will Set Fire to the House