Laura Jane Grace

Released 16/02/2024

Hole In My Head

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Following the release of her debut album, Stay Alive (2020) and the At War With The Silverfish EP (2021), Emmy-nominated artist, author, musician, activist and Against Me! founder/songwriter, Laura Jane Grace, returns with Hole In My Head - her beautiful new album featuring eleven tracks that showcase her undeniable power as a songwriter & storyteller. The album features her most personal and emotionally gripping songs of her career - stripped down masterpieces like Dysphoria Hoodie paired with blistering distorted anthems like Hole In My Head and Birds Talk Too, tracks that demand the listener’s attention with an immediacy and urgency unlike anything Grace has written before.

Hole in My Head is a record which captures the nuances of humanity and experience in a strangely optimistic manner. The lightness of its influence and the journalistic recollection of experience set against a battered and warm folk-punk delivery from beginning to end makes Hole in My Head a fun comfort. It is a welcome embrace of life and just the start of a new chapter in Laura Jane Grace’s raucous journey.

Dinked 270
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Also available on black vinyl and CD. 


  1. Hole In My Head
  2. I'm Not A Cop
  3. Dysphoria Hoodie
  4. Birds Talk Too
  5. Punk Rock In Basements
  6. Cuffing Season
  7. Tacos & Toast
  8. Mercenary
  9. Keep Your Wheels Straight
  10. Hard Feelings
  11. Give Up The Ghost

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