Brad Stank

In The Midst Of You

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Liverpool’s acclaimed sensual existentialist Brad stank today announces the release of his
resolutely romantic new album In The Midst of You on January 26th via his new label
Sunday Best Recordings.

In The Midst of You finds Brad in late night lothario mode, his previous seductive style now
taking a more resolutely romantic and perhaps surprisingly spiritual direction. The phrase “in
the midst of you” comes from the Bible, Zephaniah 3:17, “the full quote is something along
the lines of “God is in the midst of you” - basically meaning that you have to look inward for
peace or enlightenment, etc. the album is about that in parts and also, as always, I tried to
put a romantic twist on it so that the “in the midst of you” is about being in love with
somebody. It’s kind of a juxtaposition but I’ve always enjoyed taking spiritual messages and
giving them a double meaning, explains Brad. “Hopefully it’s a positive message of
prostrating yourself to somebody, or to spirituality or something - but giving yourself fully to something , being in the midst...”

Available on "Natty Wine" vinyl, and indies exclusive "Candle Wax" vinyl.