Ultrasonic Grand Prix

Released 19/01/2024


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The story of Ultrasonic Grand Prix is one of two vintage 60s guitars and their owners - multi-instrumentalist / producer Shawn Lee and guitar maestro Barrie Cadogan - of Nottingham freakbeaters Little Barrie.

“We’d been talking for years about making some kind of record. Cadogan explains, “but we were always being pulled in different directions with other commitments. Shawn got the ball rolling for real when lockdown happened, called me up and said, “You know we keep talking about doing a record, well the time is now”. I’m so glad he did.”

And the music that did emerge was weird, startling, and insatiably groovy. With one foot dipped in the organ-warbling garage of 60s psych, and the other vibrating in the mind-expanding fractals of the British Acid House boom, ‘INSTAFUZZ’ plies the earthly quintessence’s of blues, rock, soul and jazz, against the preternatural discomforts of programmed drums and unhinged synthesisers to produce something distinctly and nostalgically futuristic.


  1. Seamoon Rising
  2. Instafuzz
  3. Triple Denim
  4. Green Means Go
  5. Right Left
  6. 96 Tiers
  7. Slippery When Chet
  8. Tin Wolf
  9. A Guy Called Harold
  10. Pop Eyes
  11. 22 Years I Worked For This Guitar
  12. King Condor