Pillow Queens

Released 19/04/2024

Dinked 278 - Name Your Sorrow

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After forming in 2016, Pillow Queens released a series of singles, honing their craft and working towards their first album, ‘In Waiting’ (2020). Along the way there has been acclaim from UK and American press, and many sold-out gigs.

Three albums in three years indicates a serious work ethic, for their new album Name Your Sorrow they stuck to a strict schedule. They showed up every day from 9-5, in a windowless Dublin room to just play, swap instruments and experiment. From there, they decamped to a rural retreat in County Clare along the Atlantic coastline of Ireland, to immerse themselves further. The palpable shift in sound and tone is possibly the result of working with a new producer, Collin Pastore from Nashville, who has produced boygenius, Lucy Dacus and Illuminati Hotties. The band holed up for three weeks at Analogue Catalogue studio in Newry, and quickly noticed that the change of scene and personnel impacted on the record.

The result of combining new experimentation, heartfelt lyrics and a sound that pinballs from quiet and loud offers a kind of catharsis. Of picking through the shrapnel to find slivers of hope. There are definite links to the last two albums, but Name Your Sorrow feels like a triumphant step in another direction.

Dinked 278

  • Candyfloss coloured vinyl *
  • Gatefold sleeve with alternative artwork *
  • Signed print*
  • Limited pressing of 500

*EXCLUSIVE to Dinked Edition

Also available on standard sea blue vinyl and CD.


  1. February 8th
  2. Suffer
  3. Like A Lesson
  4. Blew Up The World
  5. Friend Of Mine
  6. The Bar's Closed
  7. So Kind
  8. Heavy Pour
  9. One Night
  10. Love II
  11. Notes On Worth

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