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One More Thing

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Lime Garden are a Brighton four-piece - four friends whose coming of age indie-rock songwriting jumps over genre boundaries to create a sound that is uplifting yet somehow laid-back. They achieve this neat trick by harnessing catchy melodies and earworm hooks into an almost nonchalant net of lo-fi sounds, which is then sprinkled with a dry-wit to bring their world to life. It's a world of late-night conversations and observations that strike a chord.

The debut album 'One More Thing' is the band’s love letter to the indie music they surrounded themselves with in their formative years, as well as a statement of love, fear, gratitude and embracing imperfections. Produced by Ali Chant (Perfume Genius, PJ Harvey, Yard Act), ‘One More Thing’ is the culmination of a stellar run of singles and non-stop touring from Lime Garden since their emergence in 2021. The songs on this album challenge societal norms, breathe life into the mundane and they dream big. 'One More Thing' is ambitious in its song-writing as well as its themes, Lime Garden welcome new technologies to help their traditional guitar sounds flourish into pop songs for the here and now.

Dinked 261

  • Cornetto effect “Mr Blue Sky / Pink Cadillac” vinyl *
  • Exclusive design oversleeve *
  • Hand-numbered *
  • Signed
  • Limited pressing of 500 *

*EXCLUSIVE to Dinked Edition

Also available on standard red vinyl and CD.


  1. Love Song
  2. Mother
  3. Nepotism (baby)
  4. Pop Star
  5. Pine
  6. I Want To Be You
  7. Floor
  8. Fears
  9. It
  10. Looking

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