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Lava La Rue makes ambition look easy. While the multi-talented artist worked on richly layered EPs Butter-Fly (2021) and Hi-Fidelity (2022), they quietly paved the path to STARFACE, their innovative, long-awaited debut concept album (out in June 2024 on Dirty Hit). It’s an expansive indie album, where Lava brings in international features, blends genres and co-directs an entire universe of visuals. “Making this album felt like making a movie,” they say. “It felt like I’d assembled a team that I’d wanted to assemble for ages.” STARFACE is not only a concept album but a reintroduction to Lava as an artist. All roads have led them here.


Side A

  1. A Star Journey Begins…
  2. Better ft Cuco
  3. Manifestation Manifesto
  4. Push N Shuv
  5. STARFACE’s DESCENT ft Tendai
  6. Aerial Head

Side B

  1. Poison Cookie ft Audrey Nuna
  2. Friendship’s Death Interlude
  3. FLUORESCENT / Beyond Space ft NiNE8, Feux

Side C

  1. Interplanetary Hoppin ft So!YoON!

Side D

  1. Second Hand Sadness ft yunè pinku
  2. Shell of You
  3. Sandown Beach
  4. Celestial Destiny ft bb Sway