Our Girl

The Good Kind

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The expression of hard-fought optimism encapsulates The Good Kind, an album exploring themes of sexuality, relationships, community, and illness. Our Girl’s trademark dynamics permeate the record, from heavy guitars and soaring lead lines to ear worm choruses and intimate vocal moments. Filled with warmth and honesty, The Good Kind is a celebration of determination – of choosing to recommit to what matters, against all opposition. 

Through the process of making The Good Kind, Our Girl learned to trust themselves, persevere with the harder path and recognise it as the only one worth travelling. Deciding to chase after the sound they wanted ended up being the most empowering moment of their career thus far, and it paid off: The Good Kind is their most confident, moving and fully realised work yet.

Dinked 305

  • 140g clear & blue yolk vinyl *

  • Alternate artwork outer sleeve *

  • Alternate artwork inner sleeve *

  • 32 page A5 photo booklet *

  • Signed & hand-numbered edition *

  • Lyric sheet

  • LImited pressing of 500 *

*EXCLUSIVE to Dinked Edition

Also available on standard Clear vinyl and CD.


A1. It’ll Be Fine
A2. What You Told Me
A3. Who Do You Love
A4. The Good Kind
A5. Something About Me Being A Woman
B1. Relief
B2. Unlike Anything
B3. Something Exciting
B4. I Don’t Mind
B5. Sister
B6. Absences

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